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The Dangers of a Makeshift Bong

The Dangers of a Makeshift Bong

Bongs offer an elevated smoking experience with their water filtration and diffusion system. Used as an alternative to pipes, they facilitate bigger and smoother hits by making the smoke less harsh on the throat.

Although bongs are readily available in different shapes and sizes, many enthusiasts want to make one at home. Stoners will do anything to enhance their smoking experience. And since DIY projects are so on trend right now, many people are trying their luck.

Unfortunately, not too many have succeeded. There are many health hazards to watch out for when making a bong at home. Homemade bongs are usually made of aluminum or plastic and pose a serious threat to the person’s health. Here’s how:

Inhaling Toxins from Plastic

Plastic, when burnt or heated up, releases many toxic chemicals. A study published by WECF, suggests that burned plastic releases toxins in the air and water. If a bong is made with a plastic bowl, the chances are that the heat from the smoke will cause the plastic to release hard chemicals that are easily inhaled through the lungs, causing severe respiratory problems. It’s not healthy at all. Apart from causing respiratory issues, the toxins increase the risk of heart disease, cause headaches, pains, and disrupt the nervous system. So, it’s a total no-go!

Instead, purchase glass bongs from an online bong shop like ours.

Inhaling Toxins from Aluminum

Many people believe that making a homemade bong with aluminum foil is linked to Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study released in 2017, doctors found an excessive amount of aluminum in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s. Smoking through an aluminum bong adversely affects the nervous system, breaking down the neural pathways and leading to impeded problem-solving capabilities and severe memory loss.

Keeping these reasons in mind, making bong at home with a plastic container or aluminum foil can be very dangerous for a person’s health and for the environment as well. Go for ready-made bongs instead—such as one made with a glass chamber.

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