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common mistake new bong user made

The most common mistakes new bong users make

The experience of smoking up with bongs is one of the best smoking experiences possible. Yet there are many people who end up making some common mistakes again and again which leads to them coughing and feeling uncomfortable. If you are new to smoking or even just new to smoking bongs here’s what you need to avoid.

Not knowing limits

The biggest issue is that people don’t understand their own limits. Smoking up is very similar to alcohol in this regard. People have difference tolerance for alcohols; some people get proper drunk off just a few beers, while others can drink glasses of hard liquor while being fully functional. You need to understand what your smoking limit is and adhere to it. Going beyond your limits isn’t being brave, it will simply result in a bad experience for you and for the others around you.

Inhale too fast

It is easy to see why so many people think inhaling harshly is the way to do it. Old movies always showed the heroes taking strong drags of cigarettes or cigars and releasing the smoke. Bongs are much more intense than cigarettes and should not be inhaled in the same way unless you want a bad coughing fit. Start out with small puffs if you are new and keep increasing the amount you inhale until you reach a point you are perfectly comfortable with. Just keep smoking the same level and you will have a fantastic smoking experience without tearing your eyes out while coughing like crazy.

Letting the bong get dirty

This is the biggest mistake that new bong users make. People used to cigarettes or rolling papers have never had to do maintenance on their smoking apparatus. Bongs need proper cleaning or they start getting nasty. They don’t just look dirty, they start tasting awful as well. Just get a few pipe cleaners, some cleaning alcohol, some salt and you’re good. Clean it whenever it starts to look dirty or when you can feel the taste start changing. It will only take you a minute or two to clean the bong and keeping it clean will result in a high quality smoking experience every time you smoke.

Not getting a cheap bong

People are excited when they are buying their first bong and they end up overspending on it. Do not get a complicated expensive bong if you don’t know all the details and technicalities of bongs. Simply get a cheap bong from an online headshop. Once you get used to smoking from bongs and understand what type of bong you will like best you can go out and buy a better one. The reality is that almost any type of percolator or bong will be good enough for a new user and there is absolutely no need to get something more expensive. More money will get you better looking bongs with beautiful designs on them but aside from a few different percolator types the experience will be very similar.

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