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types of bongs collection

The types of bongs you need in your collection

Not all bongs are made equal. If you are committed to using bongs then you are going to have to get more than one. Unless you will always be smoking at the same place and in the same environment you are going to need some variety. It is also great to change the pace of smoking every now and then. Without further adieu, here is what you need in your collection.

The Classic

Ever single bong collection needs the classic bong. Your classic bong is plain glass and has no designs on it. Heck, it may not even have any percolator or diffusers in it, though we don’t recommend that. You need something to fall back into. The classic bong is also a ritual – you don’t want to miss out smoking the way that people have been smoking for many generations. A classic never gets old and these bongs will also be everywhere. If you are only buying 1 bong then focus on getting something classic which you can do anything with.

The Traveler

You need to have something that you can take with you wherever you go. This bong needs to be the smallest bong in your collection. Trust us, this bong will be very helpful when your friends want to smoke up in a park or anywhere beautiful. It is a pain to carry around a big bong. You have to dismantle it and store everything safely. Having something small in your collection means you can just pick it up and go wherever you want to go without giving it a second thought. We would recommend something that comes in one piece. If you want to carry around something big then you have to get something that you can dismantle. You do not want to travel with a huge bong. If it gets broken up into pieces you can easily store it out of sight.

The Beauty

Once you have the normal bong and the travelling bong it is time for a bit of vanity. By this time you are probably an enthusiastic smoker. You want something that looks great. We would recommend going with something classy. We have some fantastic bongs that use colors like white, black, gold, and navy blue. They look very classy. Remember the nice cutlery that mom used to bring out when we had guests? Well this bong is our version of that very thing. This is the nice bong you bring out when you have friends or some new company over.

The Cheese

You need to have a bong that has a very cheesy or tacky design on it. It may have skulls painted on it, the Rasta flag, Bob Marley, or any similar thing. Why? Because it is tradition hombre. You cannot have a complete bong collection unless you have a bong you are a bit ashamed to bring out in front of new people. We didn’t make these rules, our elders did, we are just passing on the knowledge to you.

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