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Throwing A CBD Themed Party This Winter: A Guide

Throwing A CBD Themed Party This Winter: A Guide

Are you tired of going to the same old parties where a group of friends is smoking up in a small corner while the rest are passed out drunk?

The frat boy styled parties are getting too old, and if you want to make your winter party an instant hit with your guests, you need to think outside the box.

How does a CBD themed evening sound to take your party to the next level? If you’re trying to keep it low-key yet fun this year, a CBD themed party is the best way to get all your friends to socialize with each other seamlessly. So gather all your favorite CBD products to celebrate with everyone you love and take a look at these tips to help you out.

Keep it in an open space

Kim Kardashian's CBD themed party was such a hit because of the large plot of land she used for the party, but not all of us have so many resources at our disposal.

Plan your CBD themed party is a small open space—whether it’s your park or a small green space in your neighborhood that you can easily book. An open space will keep the party thriving—we all know what wonders fresh air can do when everyone is high.

Opt for comfortable seating

Whether you’re keeping it low-key or going all out, seating should always be casual and comfy. Nobody wants to sit on high metal stools and fall off when they lose their balance because of how high they are.

Arrange yoga mats, comfy cushions, and bean bags in the open space so that everyone can quickly get comfortable as they listen to music with their favorite CBD products and relax.

Have a spa corner in place

Introduce your friends to a whole new world of CBD by displaying CBD oils, skincare products, and bath salts.

If you have a Jacuzzi at your disposal, you can easily create a relaxed setting in which your friends can unwind with the help of CBD spa products.


Set up a sound bath corner

Choose a spot and arrange it with CBD candles and crystals. This spot can be dedicated to the meditative technique that allows sound waves and CBD products to help individuals relieve stress.

Let your guests lose themselves in the rhythm of sound waves as they conduct a few breathing exercises.

Create a smoking station

Smoking CBD is one of the most effective ways to truly experience all of its benefits. If you’re inviting a few people who haven’t smoked CBD before, it’s best to set up a smoking corner to help them out.

Set out an assortment of smoking accessories that can be used to smoke CBD such as a glass or metal pipe, high-quality rolling papers, a water pipe, and a vape pen.


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