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Tips to Store Your Stash for Travel

Tips to Store Your Stash for Travel

Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology reports that cannabis can last up to two years if stored properly. Proper storage ensures that the herbs won't degrade quickly and lasts longer – giving you the high you deserve!

There is a variety of options for you to store your stash safely, especially if you're traveling. In this article, we provide tips that will prevent you from going for old school, inefficient methods of storing your stash.

We are here to lead you away from storing cannabis in the zip lock sandwich bags that crush the sensitive buds. Plastic bags may be cheap and convenient, but they won't protect your stash from natural elements.

Elements That Will Degrade Your Weed

  • Light

Light is the enemy of cannabinoids. Just like the sun burns your skin and makes your hair dull, its ultraviolet rays can burn the essential compounds in your cannabis. To avoid that, make sure that you store your stash in containers that light can’t pass through. Please make sure you put them away from light at all times.

  • Air

Excess air in the container can increase the rate of degradation of your stash, while stagnant air can cause mold growth. Although the best way to seal your cannabis is to vacuum seal, it’s not a viable option for most people – but you should still keep your stash as well protected from the air as possible.

  • Temperature

Make sure that your buds are stored in an ideal temperature that is below 78 degrees. It will hamper the growth of mold and mildew. A temperature higher than this will dry out the buds, and terpenes will evaporate, giving you an unpleasant taste when you smoke. 

  • Moisture

Mold thrives in moisture. Ensure that your buds stay dry the whole trip. It is essential to minimize humidity in your stash container for long term storage.

As a regular smoker, maintaining the freshness of your stash should be your highest priority. At Bong Outlet, we have a variety of high-quality storage containers for your stash.

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The company’s Silicone Concentrate Station provides you with non-stick silicone, which will prevent your waxes and oils from getting absorbed by the container. No matter how long you travel, this small container will keep your stash fresh and available.

Are you traveling with joints? Get you could also try out Bong Outlet’s Hemp Roll pouch. This synthetic leather pouch comes with two pockets—one for the hemp and the other storing lighter, filters, and rolling paper.

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