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What is a Dugout and How to use them?

What is a Dugout and How to use them?

Definition of Dugout

A small carrying case that holds a one-hitter pipe and has a chamber with weed that is usually ground up. They are originated in 1970s, and still popular after 50 years have passed. A dugout is a convenient, all-in-one kit that allows you to smoke while on-the-go.


How to use a dugout?

The following step-by-step process guide will illustrate how the take-off, loading, and smoking using a one-hitter works:


1. Get grinding

Dugout boxes are designed to work with finely ground weed to avoid clogging it, so a funnel would also be a good idea. Check out the most popular herb grinders available at

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2. Get filling

Remove the one-hitter from the box, and fill the dugout with your ground weed carefully, avoiding pushing it in too much, as condensing it too much will make it not burn as effectively.


3. Get filling (again)

Fill the small cavity at the top of the pipe. It is OK to use pressure because you want to get as much weed as possible in there.


4. Get lighting up

Light up the pipe and inhale the smoke.


5. Get cleaning

Trash any buds leftover and make sure you empty the dugout well before refilling it;  this will keep your box clean and ready every time you need it.


How to choose a good dugout box?

  • Aluminum dugouts

These boxes are very easy to clean, and generally offer a comfortable girth to carry them, but are easy to dent or scratch. The price range is higher than any other dugouts but they are the most popular ones in the market.


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  • Wooden dugouts

Very classy, you can carry them everywhere safely without worrying too much about damage, and it is easier to pack them in your luggage. However, depending on the quality, wood dugout boxes tend to impregnate with the smell of weed, are more difficult to clean.


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  • Plastic dugouts

It is easy to carry, easy to clean, and impervious to damage, but it can give a weird taste to your weed. Although they are cheaper, they don't look fancy for the most potheads looking to smoke a joint with some elegance. Still, if you are starting to use them for the first time, they could be a good choice.


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