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What you need from a bong

What you need from a bong

It is easy to get intimidated when you go out to buy a bong for the first time. There are so many different options available and so many technical details. What many people don’t know is that this is a recent phenomenon. People never had as many choices as they do know, largely thanks to online headshops which provide a larger variety of goods compared to brick and mortar stores. It is easy to get lost in the details but you really shouldn’t. There are people who are focused on the intricate details of bongs and they derive pleasure from maximizing the efficiency of their smoking experience but smoking this way isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes a cheap bong is all you need. What needs to be understood is that smoking is a relaxing activity. It is meant to allow you to be calm and enjoy your life. If you are passionate about bongs and want to get technical about them then you should, but if you aren’t then you aren’t missing out on much. The expensive bongs have many different features and they do make a difference but not that much of a difference. You’ll end up paying a lot more for only a small improvement..

Plus, it might seem to be a bit too romantic of a notion, but some of the best smoking experiences we have had were when we were young and didn’t have access to expensive smoking apparatus. Instead we would make bongs out of things or buy the inexpensive ones and hope they didn’t break. Getting into expensive bongs just seems to go against the whole idea of smoking just to have fun and having deep conversations with our friends. It’s the same way with beers. If someone served us beers in expensive wine glasses we would feel weird, because beer is supposed to be consumed in a fun and casual manner. Smoking up needs to be chill in order to make us feel chill..

Thus if you are feeling intimidated by all the offerings on online headshops, don’t worry about it. Simply pick up a nice glass bong and see where it takes you. Once you become comfortable with it and if you have the itch to see what else is out there you can focus on the details..

The most important part for a good smoking experience is the people you smoke with and the environment you smoke in. The right people will elevate the smoking experience with great conversation. The right environment will make you feel great even if you are alone. If you ever have the chance to smoke up in a natural setting then we would highly recommend it. Smoking up with greenery all around you makes the experience very deep. If you aren’t satisfied with your smoking experiences then you need to change either the people around you or the environment around you. Sitting in the same room day after day smoking up isn’t fun. Bring some change into your life.
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