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What’s your favorite way of smoking up?

What’s your favorite way of smoking up?

We know that human beings have been smoking up for thousands of years because that is how far back our records go. We have long known the medicinal and meditative benefits of smoking the many natural plants and their concentrates available. However, there are many different ways of getting your smoke on. Let’s look at some of them and how the experience is with them.

Rolling Papers

This one’s the way most people do it, especially when they are new to smoking. Rolling papers is classic and will never go out of style. The best part is the mobility of rolling papers; you can roll one up anywhere and smoke it while walking or engaged in any other activity. Rolling papers provide a good experience but they are not the most potent way to smoke up. There’s nothing wrong with simply rolling up a few joints unless you want a more intense experience.


This is the OG way of smoking up. When people first started smoking, they did it in pipes. There are artifacts in Africa, India, and many other ancient civilizations which contained pipes for smoking. Pipes provide an intense experience and they are very easy to operate as well as make. This is likely what fueled their popularity hundreds and thousands of years ago when rolling papers and bongs weren’t a thing. There are many different types of pipes but our favorites are the glass pipes that are en vogue these days. They have beautiful designs and are also easier to maintain.


If you can choose to go with a bong you shouldn’t go with any of the above. Bongs need a lot of room and you also need a very private place to use a bong. However it is all worth it as bongs provide one of the best smoking experiences out there. Today’s bongs are much more advanced than what we used to have 2-3 decades ago. The high amount of filtration available with bongs these days goes a long way in creating a pleasant smoking experience. The smoke is cooled before it ever reaches your throat which reduces the amount of irritation caused on the throat due to smoking.

Dab Rigs

Dabbing might be new but it is easy to see why it has become so common; nothing gets you higher than dabbing. Dabbing is done exclusively through concentrates which are a new thing. One could argue that there were other concentrated materials to smoke previously, but they were nothing like the pure concentrates we have available today. If you want a smoking experience unlike any other, then you have to try a rig dab. You’ll be overwhelmed no matter how long you have been smoking for, simply because of how pure the smoke is. Concentrates work by removing everything aside from the stuff that causes the effects of smoking up. When it hits you, it hits like nothing you have ever smoked before. Dabbing may be new in popularity but it will be the main way of smoking in the future.

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