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Which Method of Ingestion Gives You the Strongest Hit?

Which Method of Ingestion Gives You the Strongest Hit?

New ways of consuming weed are sprouting up every day. We’re not going to lie, people have taken weed consumption to a whole new level— you can smoke it, eat it, mix it up and drink it or whatever else comes to your mind.  People have been debating which method of ingesting weed is the best and the debate is far from settled. Some people want a buzz that lasts for hours while others want an intense hit that passes real fast.

The one thing everyone agrees on is that the best method of ingesting weed is the one that gives you the strongest hit. If you can smoke your weed and feel like you’re really relaxed, then you know it’s a great hit. In this blog we’ll take a look at some ways of getting a great high, based purely on the technique of ingestion and then conclude on which gives the strongest hit.


You can basically add weed to anything really. You can make hash brownies or eat gummy bears spiked with the herb. The high from edibles depends on how much hash is added to them and how much of it you can eat. The problem with edibles is that there are only so many of them you can eat and it takes a while until your body digests the food, to absorb the cannabinoids. The hit might be intense, but it’s long lasting and sometimes mildly uncomfortable. It’s a good time, but edibles aren’t exactly the best ways of consuming marijuana.


Smoking or inhaling weed fumes is one of the oldest methods of consuming the herb. You have plenty of options for inhaling or smoking weed like joints, vaporizers and bongs. The thing with vaporizers and joints is that either of the methods don’t produce enough fumes to get you high fast enough. Make no mistake, you’ll still get high with a joint of or a vaporizer but a bong will take you to a whole new dimension.

Bongs generate a lot of smoke, that’s purer and clear of any foreign particles.  Bong hits are smoother and the smoke is dense to induce a much more intense hit than any other way of inhaling weed fumes.

Dabbing With Rigs

Dabbing is sort of technical, requires a blowtorch to achieve and uses concentrated weed oils to get you high. The high from dabbing is better than that of edibles because it comes in with a rush that leaves you reeling. The smoke is pure, because the concentrated oils are distilled to produce the purest THC that you’ve seen ever. Compared to other inhalants and edibles, dabbing is a far superior weed ingesting technique.

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