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Why Bongs are still the best way to smoke up

There are many ways to smoke up. You can use a pipe to smoke out of.  You can roll a few blunts and burn them up. You can use oil rigs for dabbing. You can make cakes that are made with herbs. Yet our favorite way to smoke is still through bongs. While we may seem to be a biased source we aren’t – we aren’t saying that bongs are the best just because we sell bongs, we sell bongs because we think they are the best way to smoke up. Here are a few reasons:

They are a clean way to smoke up

Bongs are one of the cleanest was to smoke up. The smoke is taken through water and you don’t need any papers or anything else to burn. This means that you end up smoking only what you want to smoke and nothing else. Sure, dropping the bong water might make your rug dirty but that one’s on you. You need to have steady hands and a firm grip whenever you are walking around the bong or passing it to the next person.

The experience is smooth

This is one of the biggest reasons we prefer bongs. Bongs have a lot of room in them for tech that can make the experience better. Smoking from a pipe or a joint results in hot smoke entering your throat which is not a pleasant feeling at all. This doesn’t happen with bongs. The water is there to make sure that the heat is taken away from the bong. If you use a bong with a diffuser or a percolator the experience is enhanced further. Both diffusers and percolators make the water interact more with the smoke. You can even add some ice in there for the chilliest smoking experience possible. You cannot get this functionality in any smoking apparatus aside from bongs.

Gets you higher than any other way

This is based on our and our friends’ personal experiences but we never feel as high with anything as we do with bongs. We don’t know the science behind this but nothing gets us feeling buzzed the way a bong does. Pipes, joints, nothing works as good. Oil rigs are pretty good and very close to bongs but aside from oil rigs and bongs everything else feels a bit weak. If you want an intense experience and the most bang for your buck from your herbs then bongs are the way to go.

There are many other reasons we like bongs. The designs for example – bongs come in some fantastic and creative designs. You can’t show off any other smoking apparatus the way you can display a bong in your house. They are also perfect for large gatherings. Pipes become a chore in large gatherings because you need to keep relighting them. Joints get messed up if you pass them around too much. Bongs stay the same and can be easily passed around.

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