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Why Dab Rigs are the future

Why Dab Rigs are the future

Go back a few years and most people didn’t know about dabbing. Nowadays it’s a completely different story. Dab rigs are fast becoming one of the most popular smoking accessory out there. It isn’t hard to see why dabbing is becoming so popular; it is one of the purest and most refined ways to smoke up possible. It is also trendy because it’s new; we have been seeing proper technological advancement in smoking materials only for a few years. Things have gone professional and scientific which has resulted in better crops and better products. Oil rigs are the future of smoking up; the next generation might skip joints and bongs and just start with dabbing.

Why Dabbing is so great

Concentrated oils, what people dab, are the purest form of the smoking experience. The concentrate is completely refined; that means nothing aside from the most essential components is present in the oil. Thus you do not need any filtration and whatever you inhale is completely pure. It results in a powerful experience and a great feeling. It can be overwhelming at first but once you get used to dabbing, nothing else matches it. It’s a quick way to smoke up in the most refined way possible. It is easier to smoke than a bong or a filter and the effects are much quicker hitting as well.

How Dab Rigs Work

The purity of the concentrates allows dab rigs to burn very differently. The biggest difference is that there is no smoke in concentrates; usually in bongs and joints there is smoke which harms the throat. Smoke is harsh on the body. Instead dab rigs work on vapors and vapor is much safer than smoke. Dab rigs work in a very simple two part process. There is a part called the nail, which you heat by using a torch or a lighter. The concentrate is placed in an opening in the rig, and then the nail is put on top of the concentrate. Then you smoke the vapors which result from the hot nail hitting the concentrate. There is no combustion process involved at all in the whole process which is why it results in such a smoother experience.

People are overwhelmed at how much they can easily inhale without coughing up. The popular dab move you see in dances comes from new dab users; they can’t believe how pure it is and they want to sneeze, which is why they put their head in their elbow. Dab rigs allow a rich and flavorful experience for concentrates and result in almost immediate effects. It is a very fun and relaxing way to smoke up; no harsh smoke or burning smell, just the smell of the pure concentrate which has been completely refined. Some people may think of it is a trend but the huge improvement in experience leads us to believe that dabbing is here to stay for a long, long time and will only increase in popularity.

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