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Why should you use a Bubbler instead of a Pipe?

Bubblers are considered the mini-me of bongs. They cool smoke through water for a smooth hit. However, since they are smaller in size, they are easy to set up and use. Along with this, they offer clean and filtered taste.

There are two main styles of bubblers: the classic bubbler and the smaller spoon bubbler.

Classic bubblers stand tall and have a bowl right above the chamber of water. They deliver a smooth smoke and look classic.

Spoon bubblers, on the other hand, are just a little bigger than a typical spoon pipe because they contain a horizontal chamber for water. They are easier to carry around.


Bubbler VS Pipe

Comparing a bubbler with a pipe means comparing wet smoking with dry smoking. While pipes may be easier to clean and more portable than bubblers, they cannot cool the smoke before it enters your lungs.

However, bubblers cool down the smoke as you inhale, having much less of an impact on your body.


How bubblers work

Bubblers are simple to use. You first need to fill the water chamber with cold water so that the hits are smoother.

Next, after checking the water level, pack some herbs into the bowl piece. Make sure the bowl piece is dry before you pack the herbs in.

Now, it is time to spark up the bubbler. If there is a carb in your bubbler, cover it with your thumb and then inhale the smoke from its chamber. When you feel that enough smoke has built up inside your bubbler, remove your thumb from over the carb and enjoy the beautifully filtered smoke.

Why use a bubbler

Bubblers have some very clear advantages.

  • If you love smoking with a bong, bubblers are the perfect alternative to carry your favorite smoking device along with you as you travel. They offer smooth hits, making your smoking experience fascinating.
  • They leave no after taste since they are made up of glass.
  • They provide the best of a bong and a regular glass pipe offering the experience and convenience. They are durable and light and are best for novice smokers who may not know how to use a bong.
  • Even when they are heated, they do not create fumes.


Bubblers add variety to your smoking experience. They are a fun method for smoking. At our online bong shop, we offer a variety of cool bongs, bubblers, vaporizers and weed pipes for sale. Visit our website and check out our best deals.

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