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guide buying grinder

Your Guide to Buying a Grinder!

Many smokers have the habit of pulling their nugs apart manually or stuffing the whole chunk into the bowl, not realizing that they are marginalizing their smoking experience.

Whether you’re smoking marijuana for medical reasons, or for leisure, grinders is something that you should never skimp over. A grinder turns the whole nugget into fine grains, which make it optimum for air flow and allowing easy access to terpenes and cannabinoids in the vaporization process. A grinder makes the whole smoking process more efficient and the effects more powerful.

It may seem like you can just pick any grinder that you find in the market, but choosing the right grinder is also important for the perfect smoking experience.

Number of Compartments

Grinders come in three variants:

  • Two piece grinders: they get the job done, but are inconsistent in grinding the weed.
  • Three piece grinders: the smallest parts fall into the third compartment, so that various sizes are separated from each other.
  • Four piece grinders: this is for professional smokers as it separates the kief and pollen, so that advanced users can enjoy a more powerful experience.

Other than compartment types, grinders are available in different materials.

Metal Grinders

Metal grinders are usually made of aluminum or titanium. They have high melting points and are safer to use than others.

The grinding process can become dull over the years due to rust in the blades, so buying a medical grade grinder is even a better option as it does not rust, like aluminum.

A metal grinder gives good value for money over the years, but it must be maintained properly. A grinder needs to be cleaned with a brush from the inside to prevent any debris buildup.

Wooden Grinders

If you are looking for something unique to show-off to friends, then go for a wooden grinder, as they aren’t mass-produced. A wooden grinder is for you if you like organic stuff and are an environmentalist, like majority of the smokers.

However, they are usually two piece and sometimes the smell of varnish can mix with the nugs.

Plastic Grinders

Plastic grinders are usually the cheapest option and the least durable. But they do have high melting points which makes them safe. They are an affordable option if you are an occasional smoker.

Whichever grinder you choose, it will get the job done and give you a satisfying smoking experience. You can check the complete range of grinders on our website. Also check out our oil rigs, bubblers, water glass bongs and 14mm ash catchers that take smoking to the next level.