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  • BOWL 14mm - 3 Pinched Straight BOWL 14mm - 3 Pinched Straight

BOWL 14mm - 3 Pinched Straight


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Order BOWL 14mm - 3 Pinched Straight of Clear color. It have a For 14mm female joint

Additional Information

Joint Size / Type For 14mm female joint
Colors Clear

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  1. review by Kashmir on 2016-01-11

    By far the best bowl I have ever owned. Use it all day everyday. Smokes perfect it never clogs. Handle looks much better than shown in the picture.

  2. review by Scott on 2015-08-28

    Nice and small. But a one hit it is not. A nice piece for a small amount. Thick handle straight out with a ball of glass on the end of mine. Looks nice and sturdy. Thanks !

  3. review by alex on 2015-05-14

    perfect one hitter for the 14mm size. the handle makes heat less of an issue.

  4. review by Keun on 2015-05-02

    hits beautifully and very small so easy to clean. worth every penny

  5. review by Blake on 2015-04-03

    Perfect one hitter! Don't ask yourself any questions...JUST BUY IT NOW! It's that good!

  6. review by ken on 2014-12-30

    this 1 hitter is awesome...great quality and perfect size....thanks for super fast shipping

  7. review by Jack on 2014-11-16

    We just received this bowl after ordering only days ago! It arrived very safely and with some extra goodies on a Sunday! It's a great little popper- delivers great hits when packed tightly. Good quality, very sturdy handle. We love it so far!

  8. review by Adam on 2014-08-01

    perfect one hitter bowl pack it up and rip it through love it.

  9. review by Lukian on 2014-05-21

    Great for taking the perfect size snapper , it also great for a ses hon because it doesn't waste your stash

  10. review by Mathieu on 2014-05-11

    Perfect for a quick 1 bowl bong hit without leaving much behind!

  11. review by Angel on 2014-04-15

    just took a hit from this and it's lovely! the built in screen is great.

  12. review by Benny on 2014-04-04

    perfect one hitter! perfect price for it too better get one before they are all gone!!!

  13. review by Ryan on 2013-09-15

    Perfect one hitter. It's nice to be able to torch the whole thing and just take a nice solid rip. Gets real dirty real quick.

  14. review by scott on 2013-09-09

    I had purchased similar but the bowl was bigger...this is closer to a one hitter and about perfect.thanks a lot.

  15. review by Michael on 2013-09-06

    was a great slider thought it would be slightly larger but Its honestly perfect size its a perfect personal bowl 5 stars

  16. review by Bobby on 2013-08-21

    Kinda like a popper slide but made out of glass! very good at it's job, worth the money!

  17. review by Jeff on 2013-07-11

    One word..... Best bowl ever, especially for price. Get it !.

  18. review by Josh on 2013-06-09

    Great bowl. Perfect size for one hit. Bong outlet provides once again!

  19. review by Drew on 2013-05-13

    Great bowl for little one hitters! Don't need a screen which is a deff plus in my books!! Great glass great website prices and service!! Would recommend

  20. review by Rebecca on 2013-04-24

    It is really nice but gets dirty too fast and it hits perfectly best bowl for a bong ever

  21. review by Matthew on 2013-04-14

    Awesome little snapper bowl, and has a small built in screen with the glass nodes

  22. review by Reed on 2013-04-13

    Good quality glass and great for bongs! highly recommend this!

  23. review by Joshua on 2013-03-31

    This Is My Favorite Bowl. Great if you just want a toke or pass some around without Killing your stash.
    Nuff Said

  24. review by Marcus on 2013-02-20

    Nice one hitter bowl. Feels solid and does its job very well

  25. review by Tyler on 2013-02-01

    Don't know how people can claim the bowl is small. They must have been expecting it to be a full sized bowl. It's the perfect size for juicy 1-hits out of the 21" I bought it for. It's great and does it's job perfectly, with a built-in screen as well.

  26. review by Brendan on 2013-01-18

    A little small but does the job and the glass is nicely worked.

  27. review by Keenan on 2012-11-27

    This is an awesome bowl mine fits really good in my bong and the little 3 pinch is a good addition overall very happy

  28. review by Chad on 2012-11-23

    Nice little bowl...Fits good and is a perfect addition to my family of glass...Ordered it at _4:20_pm on thursday, received shipment by 11:00 am the next freakin day...BONGOUTLET KILLS EM ALL

  29. review by Elijah on 2012-11-12

    awesomely straight and clear turns resin colour though but altogether hits great doesnt leak through and doesnt get hot

  30. review by matt on 2012-11-07

    great one hitter. great for a single session love bong-outlet i will buy here aging thx

  31. review by Dan on 2012-10-12

    wow.... this bow arrived in Tuesday and already broke. Don't want to buy another one so fast. Was a great one hitter while I had it.

  32. review by Benjamin on 2012-10-03

    Bought this to match my tube bong and to get a nice one hit bowl, seems perfect.

  33. review by Devan on 2012-09-24

    Great bowl glass is a more thick than i thought it would be gives you the perfect sized hit plus its strong

  34. review by Sawyer on 2012-08-04

    this a very neat little bowl, decent quality. just keep in mind it's small, with most bongs it's a one hitter

  35. review by Josh on 2012-08-01

    Perfect one hitter bowl. Nice, durable and you can take fat rips. Thanks Bongoutlet.

  36. review by Dwayne on 2012-07-31

    I love this little one hitter, hits awesome nice and small, does the job perfect for what i need. thanks Bong outlet

  37. review by jason on 2012-07-27

    Just received this today and I love it. it's verry small, durable and great for giant snap rips

  38. review by Zac on 2012-06-30

    dis bowl is bitchin sun i put my bud in der n i im like takin off wita little bubbla in da big bong it smoke like fiya str8 ^ no ona real tip i got to get bak to mii hustle#paper

  39. review by andrew on 2012-06-22

    great one hitter and it is cool it is cheap abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

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