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Glass hand pipe

Bong Outlet's amazing selection of ​glass hand pipes​ are perfect for discreet, on-the-go  smoking. You can fit these small ​glass water pipes​ into your pocket, purse or car glove  compartment so you can have easy smoking access wherever you roam, from concerts  to campsites. Browse our full selection of colorful, sturdy and affordable ​glass hand  pipes​ below!  
Why ​Glass Hand Pipes​?  Glass hand pipes​ are one of the most convenient ways for smokers to take their hobby  on the road (or anywhere). They're discreet, too, since you can easily slide it into your  pocket or bag. But even though they're small, you can still have a quality smoking  session on your own or with friends. These small ​glass water pipes​ come in a wide  variety of colors and styles, from our ​three-inch elephant glass hand pipe​ to our four-inch silicon hand pipes​. If you want a small pipe that's affordable and easy to  maintain, our selection of ​glass hand pipes​ is exactly what you're looking for.

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