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  • Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14)

Percolator Ash Catcher - COIL BLUE (14 / 14)


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- Coil Percolator Ash catcher
- 5"(H)
- Neck Joint : 14mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm
- BLUE Colors

Additional Information

Diffuser Type Coil
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Colors Blue

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  1. review by Austin on 2014-04-28

    I bought this piece specifically to maintain the clean integrity of my bong, and boy did it deliver.
    - keeps bong clean- very clean
    - smooth
    - cool to watch the smoke go through
    - glass quality = 2 thumbs up - I've dropped it like 3 times and its still perfect

    - very hard to clean
    - easily clogs and once it is clogged you basically have to blow on it to get the clumps out and you're sitting there reaping on this thing like a hooker before all the ash is out... after that mine has to sit in alcohol for like a day before its useable again
    - in this process, dirty ash water easily gets in your mouth - horribly unpleasant and your out an ash catcher that day...
    - very bottom heavy - not a good idea for small bongs
    - the air flow isn't exceptional but fair
    - uneven weight distribution as the stem protrudes out the left side- as a result, the ash catcher droops to the left at a weird angle when it is not held

    However, despite all this. I do really enjoy this piece. I still use it all the time and it keeps my bong really clean. I do recommend buying another/different ash catcher ALONG with this one. Here's why: Because it's my only ash catcher for a specific piece, there are times where it gets clogged beyond a simple water rinse, then I have to smoke my bong without an ash catcher which dirties my bong anyway and defeats the purpose. If you buy another along, you can alternate between the two, always having one clean one; keeping your quality pieces clean and steezy at all times.

    Hope this helps, cheers, happy smoking.

  2. review by Von on 2014-02-03

    Really cool ash catcher. Fun to watch and makes hits way smoother. I love this thing and matches really well with my clear/blue bong from bongotlet. Only criticism is its super hard to clean.

  3. review by Antonio on 2014-01-21

    this thing is amazing it hits super smooth and keeps your piece very clean. when got mine the male piece was tilted to the side and not straight out like how it is in the picture. its a great deal for an even better ash catcher

  4. review by Kyle on 2013-11-25

    A great piece to add on to my bong, makes the hit so smooth and does a great job at keeping the ash out of the bong.

  5. review by Jennifer on 2013-11-13

    Je préfère la spirale au ashcatcher perculator a 4 doigts.fait différent et fonctionne tres bien

  6. review by Tyler on 2013-10-02

    this thing makes my bong hit way better. I advise anyone to get this if you have a bong that is very bottom heavy, this will rock small bongs to the ground.

  7. review by Chris on 2013-05-15

    These coil percs have a great look to them, and they are smoother than finger percs, perfect for anyone needing an AC

  8. review by Dietrich on 2013-04-05

    I bought this piece to go with a bong I bought here, and wow! This extension piece made the hits unbelievable! I didn't even know I was smoking it was smooth. If you feel like upgrading any of your bongs, or just want the setup to look sick, you definitely have to get this!

  9. review by Josh on 2013-04-05

    Works well and is very cool looking. Kind of adds some drag but for how smooth te hit is its worth it. Just be careful with it, it makes the bong a little unstable.

  10. review by william on 2013-03-19

    fast shipping even with a blizzard, put it on tried it out was shocked at how much smoother it is nice and solid fits well on my 2-4 20" perc not heavy enough to tip it, but solid enough that it wont break when i take it off and set it down

  11. review by Ryan on 2013-03-11

    Ordered on wed came on mon, shipped and packed well! This BadBoy is BIG and hits like Collossus!!! Almost to big for my 12in, gonna buy bigger bong for birthday!!! Awesome purchase!

  12. review by Bobby on 2013-01-29

    A very nice addition to my bong! It makes the smoke so much smoother with the longer twisty path and it just looks cool!

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