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  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14)
  • Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14) Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14)

Percolator Ash Catcher - Inline Green (14 / 14)


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- Inline Percolator Ash catcher
- 5"(W) x 4"(H)
- Neck Joint : 14mm / Bowl Joint : 14mm
- Green Colors

Additional Information

Diffuser Type Inline
Joint Size / Type Female 14mm >> Female 14 mm
Colors Green

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  1. review by Connor on 2015-02-11

    Overall, the ashcatcher is great. It hits smooth and does not add too much drag to my bong. Great Purchase. However, the ashcatcher I received was slightly different than the one shown in the picture. The actual inline section in the perc is green, but the outside section is still clear. Also, it has a green NG (nice glass) logo on the front of the inline.

  2. review by eric on 2014-09-04

    It's a nice addition to your bong for filter purposes and looks cool when you pull. It's bigger than I thought but fits my 14.5 inch bong just fine. Haven't used it a whole lot yet so I'm a little worried about cleaning it when I do.

  3. review by Robert on 2014-06-16

    This just arrived, I was happy to see my order packaged very well! The inline is actually green, as far as the other colors, the picture is accurate. It has a NG Glass logo. This piece smokes very well! The peculation REALLY makes it smooth.
    I got this along with a 14mm NG glass mouthpiece "j-hook". makes a wicked bubbler!

  4. review by Brandon on 2014-04-30

    This thing is pretty nice. I bought it because the showerhead perc ash catcher I bought didn't fit because of the beaker bottom (bongoutlet sent me a longer female piece for free). It's nice because it doesn't require a bunch of glass on glass connections to fit, but it does require you to take off the entire piece to get a quick pull. Otherwise it's slow and can be a bit rough.

  5. review by Joel on 2013-09-28

    I like this ash catcher. Makes any water pipe really stand out. Sleek and stylish. Highly recommended.

  6. review by heather on 2013-08-18

    This ash catch/ perc makes a big difference in my bong, i highly recomend

  7. review by Bruce on 2013-06-24

    Threw this on my blaze glass 3 tree 4 finger diffused bong, hit like air! All the nasty rezz stayed in the ashcatcher and attachment only as well keeping my bong clean as a whistle!

  8. review by allen on 2013-06-21

    all i see if 5 start reviews all of them right.

    This thing has no drag bubbles build from bottom smash into smaller ones then cause a pool bout an inch tall in top that perc as well seriously best investment for the set yet

    let my gf hit it no problem ( only smokes about once a week, so any hit hurts)


  9. review by Thomas on 2013-04-19

    bought this for my triple perc 17.5" bong, all together it hits like an absolute dream, I was blown away by how smooth it was. Was like breathing in air. My package arrived after a day and i've been using it ever since. 10/10

  10. review by madeline on 2013-04-09

    i bought this attachment for a "water pipe" i have, now it rips soooooo smooth, gets you a huge hit, it feels lke nothing, but gets you to that other level, thankyou bongoutlet

  11. review by Chelsea on 2013-02-10

    Bought this piece just a little bit ago and its an amazing deal for the price! Hits are noticeably smoother and no drag at all. definately worth the investment for any water bong.

  12. review by brandon on 2012-12-02

    this was such a good price for an amazing piece. i like how i can still add other percs to it too

  13. review by Justin on 2012-09-20

    Perfect addition to your water piece! Experienced almost no drag with a 3x6 finger perc 23" bong. Awesome. 10/5

  14. review by ave on 2012-09-19

    This is a very excellent piece , Very smooth, Very strong And extremely fast shipping! :)

  15. review by James on 2012-08-20

    This hits awesome very easy to clean and for the price you can't beat it. You won't regret this purchase.

  16. review by Dawson on 2012-07-31

    not only does it look badass but it makes the hit super smooth. i got it for my 23in 3x6 perc and now i really cant feel a thing. only annoying thing is it slides a little sometimes once u put the bowl in...kinda scary but no problems if you're careful

  17. review by Alan on 2012-07-29

    Great piece! Hits so clean and almost feels velvetie!

  18. review by israel on 2012-06-24

    Excellent ash catcher! i dont know how people can smoke without it!

  19. review by Olivia on 2012-04-12

    I bought this accessory for my boyfriend for his birthday and he was very pleased with the quality of the glass and the cleanliness of the smoke. He really liked the green color and his friends were very excited to use it.

  20. review by Devan on 2012-04-07

    this peice is so sick! you cant be at the price. it filters so much smoke it makes it nice and cool on your throat

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