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Honeybee Herb - 6 PIECE TOOL SET

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  • 6 piece tool set that includes: 2 sets of tweezers, a dab claw, and 3 different sized dabber tools.
  • Made from stainless steel material.
  • Easy to clean with ISO alcohol/cleaning solution and q-tip.

Your dabbing experience is only as good as the tools you choose to dab with. Here at Honeybee Herb, we offer a 6 piece dab tool kit. This dab tool kit comes with two sets of tweezers, a dab claw, and three different size and style dabber.

This dab tool set is used to make for a mess free dabbing and easily cleaned up dabbing experience. The tweezers and dab claw assist in picking up and transferring your inserts.

The dabber included in the dab tool kit are intended to transfer your concentrate cleanly and with ease.

This 6 piece dab tool kit set is a must have dabbing essential. It is known to make any sesh go smoothly and with ease. It gives you a variety and pairs with most inserts and quartz bangers.