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Tanya Hookah KIT 2 Hose Hookah Combo

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Introducing the Tanya Hookah KIT 2 Hose Hookah Combo – the perfect blend of style and shared enjoyment. This hookah kit brings a modern touch to any space and lets you enjoy the experience with a friend, thanks to its dual hoses. Easy to set up and built to last, it's a great choice for both seasoned hookah fans and newcomers. Elevate your social gatherings, showcase your style, and create unforgettable moments with the Tanya Hookah KIT 2 Hose Hookah Combo – where every puff is a taste of sophistication.

Tanya Hookah Starter Kit I Features

  • Receive all of your hookah essentials with this complete hookah kit!
  • Compact size - perfect for table top seshes and indoor seshes
  • Wide base crafted from tempered glass with solid color and frosted accents
  • Stainless steel downstem
  • 2 hose ports
  • Colored accents
  • Available in 5 color choices 
  • Measurements: Approx. 13" height | 4" base diameter

Tanya Hookah Starter Kit I Kit Includes

  • Complete hookah
  • 2 matching coiled hoses
  • Hookah hose tips
  • Metal tray
  • Clay Egyptian bowl
  • Shisha foil
  • 2 x packs of 50g flavored shisha
  • Metal tongs
  • Quick light charcoal
Color: Black